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Current Employment Opportunities 2017

In Home Aides - Needed:

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. The In Home Aide will Provide or assist with personal care (i.e., bathing, care of mouth, skin, and hair).
2. The in Home Aide will assist with the client with all forms of ambulation recommended by the Registered Nurse of our agency,             Liberty Healthcare, and other authorized individuals licensed in North Carolina to participate in client’s plan of care.
3. The In Home Aide will assist  the client with self- administration of medications which are ordered by a physician or other person         authorized by state law to prescribe;
4. The In Home Aide is required to perform incidental household services which are essential to the client’s care at home; and
5. The In Home Aide is required to record and report changes in the client’s condition, family situation or needs to the agency                    Registered Nurse.

Minimum Education and Experience

  1. Certified Nurse Aide I
  2. Certified Nurse Aide II
  3. Personal Care Aide - someone who may have the In-Home Aide experience but, has not 

Licensed Clinical Social Worker or Licensed Professional Counselor

Duties and Responsibilities

1. Complete Intakes and Discharges
2. Conducting Comprehensive Clinical Assessments
3. Participate in referral processes for consumer recommendations for additional services or to receive a higher level of care
4. Provide Individual Therapy & Group Therapy for Active Duty and Retired Military Personnel and their families, Adults, Children, and     Families. 
5. Complete and submit documentation within 24 hours of the completion of each session.
6. Provide supervision to Paraprofessionals, Direct Care staff, and Qualified Professionals

Executive Director - Private Child Placement Agency

The Executive Director will function in a supervisory role for our Private Placement Agency that offers Family Foster, Therapeutic Foster care, and Respite care services. 

Minimum Education and Experience

A master's degree in Social Work or Public Administration and four years of experience in human services field including two years in a supervisory or managerial capacity;

Or graduation from a four year college or univeristy and six years of experience in human services field including three years in a supervisory or managerial capacity ; or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

Duties and Responsibilities

1. Conduct Mutual Home Assessments for Foster Parent Applicants to become licensed.
2. Conduct Weekly or Monthly Home Visits to Foster Parent Homes for Family Foster and Therapeutic Foster Home Cases.
3. Provides Monthly In- Service to Foster Parents, Qualified Professionals, and Administrative Staff.
4. Consult and correspond with governing bodies regarding the day to day functions of the agency and compliance with                              Administrative Rules and company policy.
5. Plan, coordinates, and evaluates the clinical work activities of each program; monitors attainment of goals and effectiveness     of         services. 

Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist - Certified Prime For Life Instructor

Minimum Education and Experience

Certified Substance Abuse Counselor (CSAC);

Licensed Certified Clinical Addiction Specialist;

Certified Substance Abuse Prevention Consultant (CSAPC);

Duties and Responsibilities

1.Conduct Clinical Substance Abuse Assessments for individuals that may have incurred a Driving Under The Influence, Driving While  

   Intoxicated, or Driving While License Revoked offenses, or that have other issues involving the abuse of alcohol and other


2. Review ASI-MV results from electronic survey processed during Clinical Substance Abuse Assessment.

3. Conduct 16 hour Alcohol and Drug Education Traffic School classes.

4. Provide Short Term Treatment for Individuals and Groups. 

5. Provide Longer Term Treatment.

6. Review and Approve Out of State reviews


We are in search of individuals that have a heart to provide a better quality of life to children that have been faced with traumatic experiences.


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